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What is JWM Co? Ideals over ideas

Ideals over ideas. The underlying and founding principle of JWM Co.

In 2023, we all know burnout like the back of our hand.

In the back of my mind, I had an idea about how I could combat this burnout. In the FRONT of my mind, I had an ideal. My ideal life looked very little like the life I was currently living. My day-to-day was not aligning with the life I envisioned for myself. When it came down to brass tacks, I wasn’t spending my time doing the things that light me up. I was spending less than 3 waking hours in my home and with my family each day, I was eating fast food for lunch multiple times a week because I had “no time” for anything else, and ultimately I was waking up exhausted, hoping I’d get to do even one thing that brought me joy that day.

So, I took the leap.

Now, listen. I wasn’t running from hard work. If anything, I was running toward it. I was running toward the work that I thrive at. I was running toward my passion and my purpose. And, as it turns out, that purpose is to help more people do the same thing.

JWM Co exists to spread the wealth of talent. To take the time off of your plate that would be spent doing things you don’t love and give you that time back to do your damn thing. That’s what the pros call outsourcing.

JWM Co helps small businesses become ~businesses~ by creating a brand story and helping you implement it online (or in person if career fairs, trade shows, farmer’s markets, etc., are your thing).

JWM Co is a duality of we fellow biz-owners helping each other live in our purpose. When we work together, I get the great joy of telling your story, curating a presence for your business and helping you prioritize your time. You get the freedom of your time back to build your business, spend time with your family (or dog, or self) and live in YOUR PURPOSE, which is obviously not copywriting, or you would own a copywriting business. See what I did there?

In reality, every business is telling a story, whether they know it or not. Let’s make sure your story is the one you want to tell - and you’re the one

living it. (this can link to Brand Storytelling & Why it REALLY matters)

Figure out a way to link 7Strong in here

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